Niraav Pakistan is a venture of M.Wali Group, a prominent name in the field of human food and animal feed sector. The founding principle behind this venture is to capitalize upon the rich heritage of its parent company combining it with the latest innovations, technological advancements and modern business practices. In a very short span of time Niraav Pakistan diversified its scope of businesses through horizontal and vertical integration.

Human Foods

The ingredients used in Human Food’s Daily Nutrition Bars are 100% certified organic.

Animal Foods

contains finest quality ingredients and productions follow international standards. prepare protein feed which is a natural fish meal and well-balanced source of high-quality protein.

Animal Health Care

To launch biological vaccines to meet the current local and regional market demands.

Welcome to M Wali Group

Mian Akbar Ali was perspicacious for achieving his targets and had broad vision for a dream. He started the business with small flour mill in 1963 which became road to success and covered milestone of 5 decades under his strong supervision gave boost to be leading millers and exporters and transformed into a huge business industry .Integration approach of management presents a unique business model created a goodwill of customers has enabled the group to consolidate on its leadership position.

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“Our passion for quality, precision and efficiency that has ensured our success in all areas of our expertise.”

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