Some Popular Facts About us

 We started a poultry business in 1997 with a capacity to produce 800,000 broiler birds after every 45 days with control house environment. We grow our broilers under better suitable environmental conditions than any other poultry farm. We provide broiler poultry a good ventilation system which is also very important for poultry housing. Proper ventilation delivers fresh air and removes excess heat, moisture and undesirable gases from the house. Proper broiler house ventilation system includes fans, air inlets, evaporative cooling system and thermostat controlled sheds. Our poultry farms producers routinely use nationally approved medications, in feed and drinking water, to treat disease and to prevent disease outbreaks.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide healthy poultry products to all our healthy customer.

Future Outlook

Our aim is to provide the best quality nutrition for our poultry. The way we see it, every step is of significance to reach the milestone of ultimate success

Our Research

All this is done with a single aim, to produce the healthiest, strong poultry product – a symbol of life.

Our breeder farm sheds are divided into small sections which are suitable for about 200 hens to minimize fighting, with a total housing capacity of over 1.2 million layer birds for white shell chicken eggs. We use ultra-modern techniques for raising our animals like Free range, furnished cage, warding and organic.

The birds are kept in a completely clean, hygienic, litter free, flies free, environmental friendly and environmentally controlled facility.

The staff is healthy and is monitored for their health status on regular basis to avoid any sort of cross or mal-contamination. Our priority is you health and we take every measure to ensure that the produce we deliver is of top notch quality and disease free.